Summer Series

Schedule & Information


The 2017 Wakefield Triathlon Club Summer Series of training events and dates are now available via the links below. There is again, a packed summer of club events to give everyone lots of opportunities to train and compete during the year.

For the uninitiated, the Summer Series is the clubs main series of events that runs throughout the Summer. Competitors earn points based on their finishing positions in the events and awards are given to the athletes that accumulate the most points based on the rules explained at the bottom of this page.

This year there will be 20 events included in the series with the rationale behind the Series being that it should focus on mainstream triathlon-family events – tris, duathlons, aquathons etc. plus swim, bike, run time trials.  Also, there should be a roughly equal amount of swimming, running and biking (not in distance, obviously!).  The schedule avoids some popular external events.

Note that this year the Club Triathlon Championship Races are not included in the Summer Series totals because these events have their own specific awards.

As always we do ask that you assist in the running of these events, or other club events planned throughout the summer as a volunteer or timekeeper at least once. Eligibility to appear in the final standings is conditional on such public spirited action!

Summer Series Schedule

Schedule of events for the 2017 Summer Series

More detailed event information including course details and routes should be available via the forum and web-site closer to each event date.  

400m Swim TT (1) Poolw/c 10/04/2017All weekAny Pool
Special Sprint Duathlon16/04/2017SundayAppleton1xRun 5xBike 1xRun
Sprint Triathlon Scissett (Pool)23/04/2017SundayScissett
Sprint Duathlon06/05/2016SaturdayPugneys2xRun 2xBike (sprint route)1xRun
Super Sprint Aquathon25/05/2017Thursday EveningPugneys1xSwim 1xRun
Olympic Triathlon03/06/2017SaturdayPugneys3xSwim 1xOlyBike 4xRun
Sprint Aquathon15/06/2017Thursday EveningPugneys2xSwim 2xRun
Sprint Triathlon17/06/2017SaturdayPugneys2xSwim 1xSprint Bike 2xRun
Aquabike29/06/2017Thursday EveningPugneys2xSwim 1xSprint Bike
500m OWS / Long Swim15/07/2017SaturdayPugneys1xSwim
Super Sprint Aquathon22/07/2017SaturdayPugneys1xSwim 1xRun
Offroad Duathlon25/07/2017Tuesday EveningRabbit Ings
20K Bike TT01/08/2017Tuesday EveningWindmills2 Laps
Long Aquathon05/08/2017SaturdayPugneys3xSwim 3xRun
Olympic Triathlon19/08/2017SaturdayPugneys3xSwim 1xOlyBike 4xRun
400m Swim TT (2) Poolw/c 21/08/2017All weekAny Pool
Super Sprint Duathlon22/08/2017Tuesday EveningAppleton1xrun 5xBike 1xRun
Middle Distance Triathlon02/09/2017SaturdayPugneys4xSwim 2xOlyBike 8xRun
40K Bike TT05/09/2017Tuesday EveningWindmills4 laps
10K Run TT09/09/2017SaturdayPugneys/Appleton
Long Duathlon23/09/2017SaturdayPugneys3xRun 1xOlyBike 2xRun

Summer Series Information

Additional info on the 2017 Summer Series

All events are training events organised by Wakefield Triathlon Club for Club Members and are generally free to enter although water based events require payment to Pugney’s.


Points are awarded for each event as follows:
1st place – 50 points
2nd place – 49 points
3rd place – 48 points
49th place – 2 points
50th place and all subsequent placings – 1 poimt


Appearance in the results of the Summer Series is conditional on registering to act, and acting, as a timer and/or marshal for at least one Series event during the summer.  Please register your interest on the Volunteer Schedule. Ideally we will have at least 3 volunteers for each event. Helping & marshalling at other club events during the summer, such as the planned Road Race(s), Hill Climb, BBQ, Junior/Senior relays etc will also count for this purpose. Swim spotting alone will not.


Final series standings will be based on the 8 best scoring events for each individual and must include at least one full triathlon (of any distance).


Please allow adequate time (at least 30 minutes) before the start of each event to register, change, set-up etc.