Wakey Tri Club Volunteering

Thanks for volunteering. You're awesome!

Thank you for volunteering! Every one of our events relies upon the support from our amazing members. We really do appreciate it. You can sign up to volunteer for any of our events, by clicking the ‘View & Sign Up’ links below.

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

TitleStart Date End Date Open Spots  
Level 2 Ride Leaders25th September 2016 31st December 2017 20
OWS Spotting - Saturday - Standard Swims13th May 2017 23rd September 2017 18
OWS Spotting - Sundays14th May 2017 24th September 2017 34
OWS Spotting - Thursdays18th May 2017 3rd August 2017 3
OWS Spotting - Saturday - Long Swims20th May 2017 9th September 2017 13
Summer Series Rabbit Ings Duathlon25th July 2017 25th July 2017 0
Special Event: Super Sprint Triathlon27th July 2017 27th July 2017 0
Summer & Ladies Series: Bike TT1st August 2017 1st August 2017 5
Summer Series: Long Aquathon5th August 2017 5th August 2017 4
Special Event: 1500m Swim12th August 2017 12th August 2017 4
Ladies Series: Duathlon15th August 2017 15th August 2017 3
Summer Series: Olympic Triathlon (August)19th August 2017 19th August 2017 2
Summer Series: Super Sprint Duathlon22nd August 2017 22nd August 2017 5
Ladies Series: Bike TT29th August 2017 29th August 2017 2
Summer Series: Middle Distance Triathlon2nd September 2017 2nd September 2017 6
Summer Series: 40km Bike TT5th September 2017 5th September 2017 6
Summer Series: 10km Run9th September 2017 9th September 2017 3
Ladies Series 5k Run (September)12th September 2017 12th September 2017 2
Special Event: Handicap Bike Race (September)19th September 2017 19th September 2017 3
Summer Series: Long Duathlon23rd September 2017 23rd September 2017 4

Where you have volunteered to help with an event there should be an option above to remove that from the schedule if you are no longer able to help out. If that option isn’t available then please use the contact form on this page to request that your name is removed. Please be clear about which event you are requesting to unvolunteer from because that information is not automatically linked to this contact form.

Unvolunteer Request