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Wakey Tri forum access for every member!

You can access the Wakey Tri forum, by clicking here

Please read the forum rules and FAQs below, before using the forum for the first time.

New to WTC Google Group?

Hi there. You are automatically added to the Wakey Tri Google Group, when you join.

It is there for your enjoyment and is a lively place, where people communicate about a vast array of subjects.

All we ask, is for members to observe a few simple ground rules.

Please read the important info on this page, and the forum rules, to make sure you get the most out of your forum.

If for any reason you have joined but don;t yet have access to the forum, please email us here.

Forum Rules

The forum shouldn’t be used for commercial gain (selling your second hand bike is fine!)

Make sure the subject line of new threads is meaningful.

If you are contacting just one or two people, use private email.

Please don’t crash the topic of threads, with a different question.

If you have a different question, please raise a separate thread.

If someone happens to be on a thread who you need to speak with, pick up with them offline.

How do I change my email address?
This address has probably been used because you specified it when you joined, but if you would like to change it, email the moderator with your preferred address and you will be issued another invitation.
How do I create a Google ID?

To make the forum easier and more flexible, we encourage you to set up your own Google account. You can use any email address to create a Google account, however, the email address you have linked to your Google account must be the same as the one you have registered with us.

If you already have a Google account, you just need to make sure the email address you have registered with us, is linked to it. Sign into your Google account, then go to Personal Info>Email>Other Emails>Edit.

Can I use the forum without a Google account?

Yes. You can just use it from your email system,, to send and receive messages on the forum. However you will get more out of the forum, if you create a Google account.