Members Stories

Thinking of joining the club but not sure if it is right for you? These are the stories of just a few of the people that have joined the club in the last couple of years, why they did and what they have got out of it.

Name: Lucy Burn

Age: 27

My background is mainly in running, I started running about 5 years ago, building up from not being able to run 1 mile to completing in a couple of half marathons and a few 10k races. A friend and I decided to challenge ourselves to compete in a sprint triathlon about 3 years ago, I therefore decided to teach myself front crawl (previously I was unable to complete a full length of front crawl), and I borrowed a road bike from my sister. I then competed in one more sprint triathlon in that year, and really enjoyed both.

Why did you decide to join WTC?: I moved to Wakefield about a year ago and had seen the club do a Track running session and was keen to give these sessions a go to improve my running and wanted to do some further triathlons.

What WTC activities have you taken part in?: Last year I mainly went to the Monday night Track sessions and went on a few of the Winter Cake Rides on a Sunday morning. This year I decided to join in with as many activities with the club as possible. I continued with the Track sessions, group bike rides and went to the Scisset swim sessions when I was able and the open water swimming (when the water temperature warmed up!). I have also competed in as many of the Ladies and Summer Series events as possible and have found these hugely beneficial for my training this year.

I have also been to the Velodrome trip and to the Brooksbank cycle sessions which have been great fun and increased my confidence on the bike. I volunteered at the Outlaw Half feed station earlier in the year and despite the bad weather we had a great time and it was very inspiring to watch and be part of.

The main benefit I have found of joining the club is all the help and support and being welcomed from all the coaches and other members. When I first joined I was nervous of attending the sessions worrying that I was going to hold everyone up and that I wouldn’t know anyone. Every session I have turned up to, I have been made to feel more that welcome and have always met new members who are willing to show their support and encouragement.

How do you feel you have progressed since joining the club?: I have without a doubt improved in all the disciplines since joining the club. I cannot express how much my running has improved since attended the Track sessions. The open water and pool swimming sessions have greatly improved my swimming and being able to be recorded whilst swimming has also hugely helped to see where I can improve.

What do you see as your greatest achievement in triathlon as a WTC member?: This year’s aim was to complete in an Olympic Triathlon for the first time. I took part in Ripon earlier in the year which I loved and the atmosphere was fantastic with the amount of Wakey Tri members taking part and the support on route! I achieved a much quicker time than I had anticipated and I am already looking forward to going back next year!

What would you say to anyone considering joining WTC? Join! Then go to as many events/training sessions as possible to get to know all the fantastic coaches and members of the club!

Lucy Burn concentrating hard

Lucy Burn concentrating hard

Name: Ashley Wilkinson-Wright

Age: 42

I did literally no sport from 20 till 40, was 14.5 stone and drinking way too much, then a friend was giving up smoking and started running, so I decided to support him, started running locally, 1km then 2 then 3 then upto 5km, started doing Dewsbury parkrun then Huddersfield, then my friend stopped running. Then another friend suggested some 10k runs so did Leeds 10k and some others. He then signed up for a marathon, I decided I’d have a go at triathlon instead so entered the Yorkshire Sprint Triathlon at Pugneys.

Why did you decide to join WTC? : When I signed up for a triathlon I thought it would be a good idea to get some expert advice on training.

What WTC activities have you taken part in?: I joined WTC in May 2014. I bought a cheap bike from a friend and a cheap wetsuit then started with the open water swimming at Pugneys in summer 2014. I’d never swum open water before and couldn’t swim crawl but slowly taught myself at the Thursday and Saturday sessions. I’d start by swimming breaststroke then doing crawl from one marker to the next, then back to breaststroke and kept pushing myself to go further, and with the help of the open water coaching on Thursdays from Dave Bradley made good progress.

I did a couple of the WTC Summer Series events, an aquathon at Pugneys & a duathlon at Nostell Priory, then did the sprint tri and loved it so signed up for Outlaw Half in 2015. Panic quickly set in and realised I needed to do more. I started attending track sessions on Monday nights and swimming sessions at Scissett, bought a better bike and started riding more. The swimming has been a major benefit to me, I couldn’t swim crawl at all, now I can comfortably swim over 2km open water, and I still use Dave’s warm up techniques.

How do you feel you have progressed since joining the club?: 2 years ago there was no way I could have done a sprint tri, let alone a half ironman. I don’t think either would have been possible without the help, advice and motivation of the club and its members. The run training has knocked almost 2 minutes off my 5km time and has shown me the importance of warming up and cooling down.

What do you see as your greatest achievement in triathlon as a WTC member?: Completing the outlaw half and signing up for next year!

What would you say to anyone considering joining WTC?: Go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Nightmare bike for Ash. But no giving up when you race for WTC!

Nightmare bike for Ash. But no giving up when you race for WTC!