Covid-19 Update

What most of us once thought would be a relatively short Covid-19 period has turned out to be much longer, and it’s nowhere near finished yet.


We’ve continued to work on what we can be doing now and on what we can do in the future.  Here’s an update on what’s going on at the moment.


Virtual Events

These are still going strong and will continue for as long as people keep having good ideas for events (a new bike and run challenge is running in October and November.  They’ve been fantastic for maintaining that club feeling.


Summer Series

We’ve had some virtual events and we ran the High Hoyland Hill Climb in real life.  No chips and beer but it went very well.  It only worked because people were very sensible about social distancing – thank you to all who took part. Summer has now ended...sadly.


Thornes Running

Sessions are now running every week. Training is in groups of no more than six spaced out around the track.  We plan to gradually increase numbers but this is limited to space and coach availability.


​Beginners Runs

Our brilliant team of run leaders are back in action.  They are advertising the runs on FaceBook.


Sun Lane Pool Swimming

We are almost there. Our first session (a test session) will be held on Friday 2 October. Fingers crossed that it goes well.

Featherstone Swimming

Featherstone is behind Sun Lane in the Council’s plan to get pools going again and is therefore still closed. This is because the facilities make social distancing etc. very difficult.

Scissett Pool swimming

We don’t hire the pool for our sessions. Whilst we run them and 99.9% of swimmers are WTC members, they are officially open to the public. Scissett has opened the dry side activities and swimming should start before too long – this has been affected by the Kirklees lockdown and is still closed.

Open Water swimming

Well, we managed to run two sessions after much hard work from our teams and then the weather took a turn for the worse.  Attendees were outnumbered by volunteer spotters and we drew a close to the season;  we how have an tried and tested process for 2021.


BKCAT cycle track is closed until October

Informal sessions (rides and runs)

Group rides are now regularly organised (usually every Sunday morning). If more than 6 riders are attending the group splits into smaller 6max groups.

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