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Covid-19 Update

We're slowly coming out of lockdown and have been able to start some of our activities (subject to social distancing requirements) - here's the current state of play:

Thornes Track Training

These are back up and running (ha ha!) on Monday evenings. Have a look at our calendar for more details and book through the "session payments" page on this site.

Beginners' run sessions

These are back on - see Facebook for updates - they happen every Wednesday evening.

Group rides

Subject to ride leader availability these are operating again more detail can be found here.

BKCAT - cycle training

These are now available on Tuesday evenings

Strength and conditioning

We're currently in the process of organising the re-start of these sessions.

Swim sessions

We are hopeful that tour pool swim training will start after 17th May. Our Open Water Swimming sessions are ready to start on 9th May subject to the successful running of a test session on 6th May (all or course subject to the lake meeting our temperature test - 12 degrees).

Winter Series

Our Winter series of events continues with its mixture of runs, bike and swim challenges. More details can be found here.

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