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Please note that currently there are no changing facilities.  

Also, parking is free for 2 hours but you still have to get a ticket from a machine.

A brief description

Our club sessions are held at Pugneys Country Park (WF2 7BN) on:
•    Thursdays 6.00 – 8.00pm 
•     Sundays 9.00 -11.00am
(these times will vary as the summer progresses and temperature and sunset times change).

The course is a roughly 500m circuit, well-marked by buoys.  We have a safety crew present – one person (sometimes two) in an unsinkable rescue sled, a couple of spotters (people who constantly scan the course) and a kayak prepared and ready to assist.

We have the lake to ourselves (apart from some ducks).

You book and pay for a session (£4.50) by using the “Session Payments” tab.

How the session works
When you come to swim, you need to bring your membership card (or joining confirmation if your card hasn’t arrived).  

You show that to the Registrar at the registration table then you hang the card on a board with wristbands, swapping it for a numbered wristband which you wear throughout the sessions (so we know who you are).

Swimmers must wear a yellow swimming cap (provided), except for nervous or new swimmers who will be given a green hat.

We can usually provide nervous swimmers with a tow buoy (a flotation device that you attach to your body that follows you around.  You can grab it if you have a problem).

At the end of the session (loud hooter), you exit the water and retrieve your card, replacing it with the wristband. 

New swimmers
Everyone who is swimming with us for the first time will attend an induction in a quieter, shallow area.  Here, you’ll be told what to expect and given some basic tips.  This lasts for a few minutes only.

At this point experienced open water swimmers can declare themselves competent and join in with the main swim. 

New-to-open-water, or nervous, swimmers can stay in this shallow area, practising and getting guidance,  until they feel able to declare themselves competent – for some, that might even take a couple of sessions.

If you are coming along and feel you’d definitely need some support – guidance or even a buddy swimmer - just make sure you let us know so we can be ready to provide that help.

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