October - November virtual challenge

Now is the time of the year when we should be building our base fitness so this challenge is all about running and riding more than you did last year at this time. It's certainly not about going the fastest and it's not really about going the furthest.

Our participants have extracted Strava data on their run and ride times in October and November 2019 and we are comparing this to their training times for the same months in 2020. Leaderboards will be shown for

  • Run time difference between the two years (in minutes)

  • Ride time difference between the two years (in minutes)

  • Total run and ride time difference but multiplying run time by 2 (running is very roughly twice as calorie burning as riding).

We are also going to publish leaderboards on the % differences in the above measures for competitors who did more than 20 hours total riding in the 2019 period together (for the riding % league) and 10 hours of running for the running % increase league. We're using the 15 hour and 8 hour limits to reduce the likelihood of weird percentage outcomes.

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