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Welcome to the Wakefield Triathlon Winter Series 2022/2023

This year’s winter series is full of exciting events, both old and new, which we hope will keep members motivated over the winter months and encourage participation in all disciplines in preparation for the summer season.

The schedule aims to cover all three disciplines as equally as possible, including through multi-sport events.

There is a range of distances and formats, for example, sprints, endurance, time trials and handicaps, so that all members should have an opportunity to participate and assess their progress.

As always, the series is open to all members of all abilities and experiences, and members are free to participate in as many or as few events as they wish. Details of each event will be emailed to members and posted on the Facebook page weeks before the event.

For any questions about the series please contact Rich Flaherty ( or Polly Jeffrey (

Internal events are generally free to enter, although there may be a few with small charges, such as those with swimming pool entrances. Events that are external to WTC are likely to require you to pre-register prior to competing in the event, and entry fees may apply. We will advertise these events via email and on the Facebook page as they become open for entries.

Scoring and rules:

  • To place in the final standings, you must compete in at least 8 of the 22 events in the series. This must include an event in at least two disciplines (swim, bike and run). Multisport events can count for multiple disciplines, but only as one event. For example, competing in an aquathlon counts as both a swim and a run, but only as one event.

  • Competitors will earn 1 point for a first-place finish, 2 points for a second-place finish and so on, where anyone finishing in position 50 or over earns 50 points. Your best 8 scores at the end of the series will be summed to comprise your final score, where the lower your score the better!

  • We will score the series separately for men and women, i.e. the first man to finish an event will receive 1 point and the first woman to finish an event will receive 1 point etc. For information purposes, we will also have an open category of scores in the results spreadsheet in which there is no gender split in the scoring, so that points are awarded based on finish position regardless of gender. In this way every member can compare their points to every other competitor!

  • You must volunteer at an event at least once throughout the series to place in the final standings. No points are awarded for a first-time volunteering, since it is a requirement for all competitors who wish to place. However, to encourage volunteering and keep the series running smoothly, a second-time volunteering will earn you 5 points, the equivalent of a 5th place finish in an event! These 5 points can be used as one of your 8 event scores in the final standings. 

  • Third and subsequent volunteering has no further points attached but is still encouraged! We will keep a volunteers leader board throughout the series, for which volunteering at the park run takeovers will also gain you points. Points mean prizes!

Things to note/consider:  


  • Please allow adequate time (at least 15 minutes) before the start of each event to register, change, set-up etc.

  • As always, events will be dependent on weather conditions, so please keep an eye on the Facebook group and emails for updates.



Please register to help at any club events on the Volunteer Schedule on the WTC website, we will have at least 3 volunteers for each event.

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