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Welcome! We have made this page as a resource for our members to learn more about deaf and hard of hearing accessibility in sport. All links have been provided by UK Deaf Sports.

The follow link is a great article about how to make, specifically triathlon, more accessible to athletes with disabilities and deafness.

And the next link takes you to UK Deaf Sport’s website with useful tips for coaches, and anyone, when delivering or taking part in a session. The website has lots of other useful resources too that are worth a read.

Finally, we have included some links to some fantastic videos created by, and starring, our very own members who go through some of the classic cycling and swimming terms in BSL.






General signs for Triathlon:



Have a watch and have go! Practice with each other when you are next in the pool or out for a ride.
Look out for future videos on classic running terms and others that help make our club more accessible for deafness.

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