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Supplied by Raceskin

All our triathlon kit & leisurewear will now be supplied directly through Raceskin. This can be ordered online, by clicking the button below.

Each member will be entitled to a £15 discount off WTC Raceskin kit. Please find details below, of how the refund will work: 

  • The discount can be used at any time this year, but must be used by December 31st

  • The discount is only available on 1 item of Raceskin clothing and cannot be split against multiple items or orders

  • The discount is only available on WTC Raceskin kit, and cannot be used against non-WTC kit

  • You will order your kit as normal, and pay full price through the Raceskin website. Raceskin will then issue a £15 refund via PayPal, back to the card details you used to purchase your kit

  • Refunds will be processed around once a month. This is a manual process and will depend on the volume of orders. Please contact Raceskin directly, if you have not received your refund within 4 weeks of buying your kit

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