Welcome to the Wakefield Triathlon Winter Series 2021/2022

This year we are pleased to be able to offer a full programme of exciting events (old and new) to help keep members motivated through the coming months and heading towards the new summer season.

The schedule below has been drawn up to give all members two opportunities to participate in a number of events, so it will be possible to assess progress, improve performance or maybe seek revenge on a fellow member!  

It is important to stress, this series is open to all members and seeks to include everyone of all abilities and experience. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Internal WTC events are generally free to enter, although you may be required to pay for swimming pool entrance or other applicable charges. 

Events that are external to WTC are likely to require you to pre-register prior to competing in the event, and entry fees may apply.

As always, events will be dependent on weather conditions, so please keep an eye on the Facebook group for updates.

Points for the series are awarded as follows:
1st place - 1 point
2nd place - 2 points
3rd place - 3 points......
49th place - 49 points
50th place and all subsequent placings - 50 points 

Your best 8 out of 27 events will  provide your final points total (obviously, the lower the points total the better), with the following criteria:
• To qualify for inclusion in the final standings you must have taken part in at least one each of the 3 main disciplines (swim, bike and run). They don’t have to be included in your best 8 events but you have to have taken part.(An aquathlon counts as a swim and a run, a duathlon counts as a bike and a run etc.)
• Volunteering to support or run one of the internal events will count as a score of 5 points for one of your 8 events – the equivalent of a 5th place finish without even getting a sweat on!
• You can volunteer as many times as you want and all help will be gratefully received. The volunteer points only count once, although in the event of a tie, additional volunteering will count towards a tie breaker.
• To encourage the return of ‘race numbers’ there is a 5 point penalty for not returning it at the end of an event.

Things to note/consider:  
Please allow adequate time (at least 15 minutes) before the start of each event to register, change, set-up etc. It always makes it a great deal more difficult for those that have given up their time to organize and marshal an event when people are turning up just minutes before the event is scheduled to start.
The aquathlon event will be run as a separate swim and run with plenty of time to get changed in between. The swim and run times are added together to give your final time.
You will need to register on the Parkrun website prior to the New Year’s Day double park run and follow their instruction to participate. Aggregate times will be calculated over the total 10k and then points will be allocated.

Please register to help at any club events on the Volunteer Schedule on the WTC website. Ideally we will have at least 3 volunteers for each event.