WTC recognise that the welfare and wellbeing of young and vulnerable adults is paramount and that every member has the right to be protected from abuse. 

This is why WTC are following the advice and guidelines set out by BTF

WTC welfare and wellbeing officers 
In September 2017 WTC, in line with BTF guidelines appointed Sarah Poole as its Welfare and Wellbeing officer. 

The WTC Welfare and Wellbeing officers role is to:

  • be available to all club members to discuss vulnerable adult concerns (including any concerns relating to transition members);

  • support WTC to follow safeguarding guidelines set out by BTF;

  • ensure safeguarding and good practice is prioritised by the WTC committee;

  • ensure that all WTC regular coaches hold an in-date DBS issued by BTF. 

If you have any concerns about the welfare of a club member or suspect abuse is taking place please contact Sarah in person or by emailing sarahlouisepoole@hotmail.co.uk

As an adult triathlon club we welcome members from our junior club once they reach the age of 16, they may join the senior club as "transitioners". 

 In order to join, the Junior Club coaches are required to confirm that, in their view, the transitioner is a mature individual and has the skill and fitness level to successfully engage in the senior club training sessions/events. 

WTC follow BTF guidance on the safeguarding of children. All our coaches have undertaken the relevant and recommended training and hold an in -date enhanced DBS check. 


Please note WTC is only responsible for its transitioner members whilst they are inside the training environment.

Further information on triathlons’ clubs responsibility of the safeguarding of children can be found here  *link*