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Summer Series 2023 Scoring & Rules: 📖


For each event in the Summer Series, 50 points will be awarded for 1st place, 49 for 2nd, 48 for 3rd and so on, down to 1 point.

Volunteer points count towards your final score and are awarded as follows; 10 points for your 1st volunteering event, 2 points are awarded for volunteering events thereafter up to a maximum point limit of 20 points (20p = 6no. times volunteered).

For the first time ever “Bring a Friend” points can be earned that count towards your final scoring. 10 points are awarded to those who bring one Non-Member to any one of the summer series event held at a WTC venue (BKCAT, Thornes track and S&C, any pool event). No more points will be awarded if you keep bringing the friend to events (although feel free to!). The maximum points awarded for “Bring a Friend” is 10. Your friend cannot earn volunteer or summer series points for you.

Best 8 events count in the final standings. The maximum score achievable is therefore 430.

Male, female and open scores are recorded separately.


Best 8 events count in the final standings and for points to count you must:

- Complete a minimum of 8 events.
- Have volunteered at least once (ladies or summer series)
- Complete 1no. Swim, 1no. Bike and 1no. Run event OR 1no. Multisport event (aquabike, aquathlon, duathlon, triathlon)
- If a tie breaker for 1st occurs, the competitor who has entered the most events is deemed the winner.


WTC Coaches automatically earn 10 volunteer points without having to volunteer at any event in the series.
Scores will be QA/QC’d after the last event before the final standings are announced.

Any committee decisions will be final.


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