The 2022 Wakefield Triathlon Club Summer Series programme of training events and dates are now available, listed below.   There is also a copy in The Vault section (more tab) if you want to print it off. 

Events include aquathlon, duathlon, triathlons, runs, rides and swims of varying distances.  All events are suitable for EVERYONE, regardless of ability.  If you’ve never taken part in a club event before you’re in for a treat.  They’re friendly and fun with amazing support.

SCORING. Scores are the opposite way around to the Winter Series, just to mix it up a bit! Throughout the summer you can wear your badge of honour for 50points with pride! The winner of each SS event receives 50pts, 2nd place 49pts, 3rd place 48pts etc. down to 50th and all subsequent places 1pt.  Male and female results are scored separately.  

There are Summer Series prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female, Age Group Winners, Most Improved Triathlete and the odd ‘random’ category.  All prizes are awarded at the annual Awards Evening in November.  To qualify for a prize you must have completed a minimum of 8 events.  If you have completed more than 8 events, the scores from your best 8 events plus any volunteering points accumulated will be counted.

As always, none of this can happen without YOU.  We need you to volunteer to marshall, time, set up transition etc.  Volunteering will earn you 10pts for the first event, then 8,6,4 and 2 for subsequent events.  To appear in the final results you must have volunteered at least once but the points can come from volunteering either in the Summer or Ladies Series.   Volunteering at the weekly OWS or external events won’t earn you extra points but you will gain the respect and admiration of your fellow athletes.