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Club Rides

Club Rides are non-coached, informal and friendly rides led by volunteer club members.  They usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday, and the details of where, when, how far etc are posted on our facebook page by the person leading the ride.  They are a great way to get to know other club members and a chance to make new friends. 

Ride Levels

Level 1 - for nervous beginners or those who are new to cycling distances are relatively short distance.  The speed is steady and there will be plenty of stops as required.  They usually avoid busy roads. More importantly nobody will be left behind.  Any type of bike suitable for cycling on a road can be used on these rides.
Level 2 - for riders who are more confident cycling on the road and would like a longer, sociable ride, usually on a road bike.  It will be a comfortable pace that allows you to hold a conversation and the group will stay together as much as possible, usually riding at the pace of the slowest rider. If the group spreads out, usually on hills, then riders will wait at the top to regroup and recover.  Nobody will be left behind.  Cafe stops are quite likely so bring a few quid.
Level 3 - for experienced, confident cyclists wanting a more challenging ride.  The pace is faster and riders would be expected to carry their own food/nutrition. No-one is left behind and on the hills, if it's safe to do so, the first ones up go back down to accompany the slower ones.
Level 4 - are adhoc fast and furious and will require you to have an increased level of bike fitness and speed.  You will get left behind if you can't sustain the pace!

Ride Level Speeds

It is difficult to advise on a set pace for each level of ride as, for example, a flat level 2 ride may be faster than a hilly level 3 or a windy ride may slow the speeds down. But more often than not the person leading the ride will state in advance the expected distance, predicted pace and whether the ride will be hilly or flat.

Where from?

Generally rides start from either Pugneys (particularly in the summer) and Scissett baths car park.

Equipment and Requirements

Make sure you have a drink, some spare inner tubes, and a pump with you. You must have a bike that is in good working order and you must wear a helmet that fastens and fits correctly at all times during the ride.  From the end of October through to April we'd prefer you to have mudguards (particularly on your rear wheel). If you don't have a mudguard we'll need you to ride at the back with the other non-mudguard folk.

If the ride is longer you might need food/nutrition and sometimes you might stop for cake so it's a good idea to carry a few quid (any expected cafe stops will be made clear at the time of advertising the ride).


Is your responsibility. These rides are led by volunteer members, much like yourself. who are simply looking for company on a ride. They are not responsible for your safety!

A closed circuit alternative

If riding in a group makes you nervous (at any level) you could always attend one of our BKAT sessions to build some confidence and have a chat with one of the coaches. Details of our BKAT are included in "Coached Sessions".

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