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Winter Series 2021/2022 - Event No.17 - Bike Eliminator Race 1 - RESULTS!


A great evening at BKCAT yesterday evening for the Bike Eliminator (Race 1). Firstly, a big thanks to Andy BlanshardPolly JeffreyElaine WhiteSamantha TaylorLouis Walker and Karl-Eric Devaux for organising and marshalling the event. This type of race is just not possible without the input of all the volunteers.

It was a fantastic race which demonstrated there is a lot more to the eliminator, be it tactics, positioning or just pure speed!

A rider was eliminated each lap until we were left with the last five to battle it out in a straight shoot out on the final lap.

Joe Howard was the first over the line closely followed by David Pearson and David HuntLucy Burn was the last lady to be eliminated.

The detailed results are available by following this link 

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