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New Year – A time to reflect

As another New Year approaches there is often a period of reflection, in between all the mince pies and leftover turkey, its common to start thinking about what we have achieved over the last year. We have noticed a few of you already celebrating 2022’s successes and starting to plan next year’s races and we thought we might join in, but we are looking a little further back…..

Did you know for example, that BTF celebrated its 40th Year on the 6th December? – we missed it too being honest, but there is some more information at this link:

What you may also not know is that club legend Peter Howard was instrumental in setting up British Triathlon Association (as it was then). Peter set up the first triathlon club in Yorkshire (Yorkshire Triathlon) and was also instrumental in getting the sport to the Olympics. We will bring you more on Peter’s extraordinary life and contribution to Triathlon in a blog soon.

But what about Wakefield Triathlon Club?

Well in 2005, the Regional BTF Manager started to look at setting up a club in Wakefield. There were already clubs in neighbouring Leeds/Bradford and Sheffield, and a handy open water facility at Pugneys. Various local sports clubs were contacted to see if anyone was interested in taking on the challenge of setting up a Wakefield based Triathlon Club.

The 1st Chair was Morgan Williams (already a keen triathlete with the Army) and early members included Tony Western and Andy Blanshard who, lets face it, have probably forgotten more about triathlon training than most of us will ever know! It’s also no surprise that Jon Howard was an early adopter.

The club may have been in its infancy, with many of the Members bringing experience from a variety of backgrounds rather than triathlon specific, but by the end of 2006 numbers had grown to over 100 Members.

Over the years, the club continued to grow but there has been a conscious effort by

Members, Coaches and the Committee to retain the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of a smaller club. In Wakey Tri it’s all about the support and shouts of ‘Go Wakey’ at events. We have athletes who have achieved great success on the world stage and we have beginners starting out on their journey alongside any number of members just in it for the fun and friendship.

No one predicted 2020 and the challenges that it brought, nor is it certain how the current cost of living crisis will affect our Members, but in looking back we feel certain we can pull together and smash 2023!

Happy New Year to you all!!

WTC Committee

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